How much money can i earn on the medium?

Fernando leitão quintas
2 min readJul 30, 2020


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This is a question that cannot be kept silent, this is one of the questions that people ask regularly when I inform them that there is a platform where they can not only write but also make money from their texts.

With quick gains like the appearance of rain in the summer, these people run creating their accounts in the medium.

Usually these people do not stay in the medium for a long time because I am connected to the medium, it is not out of love for this writing and reading, but for the possible money they will earn.

Unlike other means of digital interaction, the medium can be said to be a clean platform.

Maybe you wonder how so?

This is because in the medium we are free from advertisements, and there is almost no censorship on the most varied subjects that we can address, as long as respect and urbanity are maintained.

Many abandon the medium because they cannot just reach out and place their affiliate links to make possible sales.

Perhaps these people do not understand in essence what the mideum is. After all what is the medium?

Let the medium himself answer:

The internet should reward quality thinking, not click bait. Therefore, we create a better home for writers, journalists and experts. It’s simple to use, ad-free and connects you to curious and avid readers, so you can focus on what matters: putting your best work out there.

The above paragraphs give us an idea of ​​what the medium is really a writer’s platform for writer and readers.

In other words, the medium is a place for people who love writing and reading.

Because they can write and read about various subjects of society.

So for the medium to be successful, he must create articles that add value to the readers.

Another factor that can make your stay in the medium profitable is reading, that is, the more content you read, the more likely you will be rewarded by partner programs.

You are rewarded by readers, not advertisers.

Partner Program writers are paid based on the depth with which Medium members read their work. As members read more, writers earn more. In addition, we distribute a portion of each member’s subscription fee to the writers who read the most each month.

So your gain in the medium depends on the following factors:

Relevance of your stories.

Pass the medium’s curatorship.

The medium’s algorithm.

Number of followers.

The number of readers.

The gains in the measured will always depend on your ability to write and captivate people to read.

That is why your focus as a reader should always be to add value to people’s lives through writing and money will be a consequence.



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